If you have been looking for an excellent way to add strobe training to your workout sessions, the Senaptec Strobe is a great choice. It provides the same benefits and complexity of strobe training but in a more compact package. These glasses can be reportedly used and add an element of complexity to your training sessions and enhance your results. Read on to learn more. Is the Senaptec Strobe right for you?


The Senaptec Strobe glasses have many features and are designed to increase the efficiency of your workouts. They help you train your brain and sharpen your mental skills by blacking out your vision during certain intervals. Each pair of strobe glasses comes with a charger and shockproof case. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you’re serious about improving your performance, this is the way to go.

This pair of strobe glasses is made from liquid crystal lenses that flash depending on the preset level. Their main purpose is to train the brain to make faster associations by limiting the amount of visual information it receives. By decreasing the amount of information that the brain receives, the brain will be able to process it faster. The glasses come with three basic customization levels. Start with the easiest and gradually increase the difficulty as you improve.


There are several different benefits of Senaptec strobe glasses. One of the main benefits is that they improve reaction time and visual acuity. Basically, these glasses train your brain to make faster associations, allowing you to make split-second decisions. If you’re interested in improving your response time, then these glasses are for you. Besides that, they also improve your brain’s neuroplasticity and can help you recover faster from injuries.

A systematic literature review was conducted using five research questions and different search terms. The team identified 16 studies. They then conducted a qualitative analysis of the body of research, derived conclusions, and made recommendations for future research. In addition, they also found that athletes who wear strobe glasses improve their performance in fast tasks. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, strobe glasses are relatively inexpensive and can be integrated into a wide variety of sports contexts.


The cost of Senaptec strobe glasses can vary depending on their features and customization levels. The lenses in these glasses feature a liquid crystal, which flashes according to a predetermined speed. There are several levels of customization, including an easy and hard setting, and athletes can begin by adjusting the settings to reduce their eye strain. The faster the flashing lens, the greater the visual information a person will be able to process.

Using these strobe glasses will improve an athlete’s visual cognition, which is the ability to analyze a scene and decide what action to take next. This ability is essential for fast-paced sports, which require the best reaction times and anticipatory timing. The Senaptec strobe glasses will improve visual cognition and increase brain efficiency. The glasses may cost several hundred dollars, but they will improve your performance in sports.


The Senaptec strobe glasses work with liquid crystal lenses that flash based on a preset setting. The main function of the glasses is to limit visual information, while also improving overall athletic performance. Using the Senaptec strobe glasses requires the athlete to first use a slower-flashing setting and then work their way up to the faster one. The four basic levels of customization offer the athlete more control over the intensity of the strobe.

This stroboscopic visual training aid is designed to increase the efficiency of visual cognition, the ability to quickly analyze a scene in front of the athlete to determine what action to take. The ability to increase brain efficiency is critical to sports involving fast-paced action. In addition to enhancing visual cognition, strobe glasses can also improve anticipatory timing and response time. If your athlete is already wearing a sports vision training program, contact the Athletic Vision Performance Center at Conestoga Eye to learn more about the Senaptec strobe glasses.


The Senaptec Strobe glasses are a powerful tool for a variety of purposes, including enhancing visual skills for athletes. By training the brain to react to rapid flashes, athletes are able to increase their response time and enhance their visual acuity. This type of training requires athletes to make split-second decisions based on very little information. The glasses can be a useful addition to any training regime.

The glasses work by flickering between clear and opaque lenses. This process forces the brain to process visual stimuli faster, and it increases balance, coordination, and balance. The strobe eyewear features a two-button system and an OLED display, which shows battery status and modes. They also offer 8 levels of flicker lens speed, and are fully compatible with smartphones. Additionally, the glasses are controlled by an app that is available for download from the Apple or Google Play stores.