Trying to figure out how far is Chicago from Memphis. This article will explain the many solutions on the market like travel time, airlines, and budget flights for this route. While Southwest Airlines is the only airline that flies between the two cities, there are plenty of other options. If you’re wondering how far is Chicago from Memphis, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn how far is Chicago from Memphis, as well as how long it takes to get there!

Cheapflights has at least 20 direct flights from Chicago to Memphis

You can find at least 20 direct flights from Chicago to Memphis for less than $200 each way on These flights are a good deal because they don’t have any stopovers. If you need a cheap flight to Memphis, you can find at least 20 direct flights from Chicago to Memphis for less than $300 within the next seven days on

Depending on where you’re flying from and how long you’re staying, connecting flights are an excellent deal. A direct flight from Chicago to Memphis will cost between $193 and $210 roundtrip. The distance between these cities is roughly 483 miles (777 km), and the flight time is about 1h 21 min. In other words, if you’re in the mood for a cheap flight to Memphis, this is a great option.

Southwest Airlines is the only airline that flies this route

A plane from Southwest Airlines landed in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Sunday morning, but never made it to any of the other four destinations it was supposed to fly to. The crew changed aircraft and canceled the Houston-Tampa flight, so the plane was stuck in Orlando for more than four hours instead of flying to its final destination. The plane was later switched to Dallas, Phoenix, and Nashville before being stranded overnight in northwest Florida. The airline blamed federal safety rules that limit the amount of time a pilot and flight attendant can stay on the job.

The new non-stop routes will compete with other airlines for customers. On the Atlanta-Nashville route, for example, Southwest will face 11 daily round-trips operated by Delta. In the Denver-Cincinnati route, four carriers will compete for passengers. However, the airline plans to add more non-stop flights to a few of its existing routes and cut service on others. It will also continue to fly to San Diego from Portland, which is a major hub for the airline.

Travel time from Chicago to Memphis

If you’re looking to make a quick getaway out of your hectic schedule, you can save money and travel by bus. Bus tickets are often very inexpensive, so it’s important to buy them as early as possible. Typically, the cheapest tickets are available at least two days in advance. Make sure to ask your bus driver about which side of the bus offers the best view. You can enjoy natural landscapes as well as manmade sights on the journey.

The cheapest train tickets to Memphis, TN from Chicago cost around $136, which is significantly cheaper than fares in July. The average train ticket price during January is $136, but the price tends to rise as the date gets closer. Make sure to buy your train tickets well in advance if possible to get the cheapest ticket possible. You can also find the distance between Chicago, IL and Memphis, TN by bus or train.

Airlines that fly from Chicago to Memphis

If you’re planning a vacation to Memphis, you can take advantage of the great air travel options available by flying from Chicago to Memphis. The distance between Chicago and Memphis is 491 miles or 790 kilometers, so you can’t go wrong by booking your flight through one of the many airlines that fly between these two cities. There are a few major airlines that fly from Chicago to Memphis, and finding the best flight for your needs is the first step in planning a great vacation.

The most popular airports for this route are Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Memphis Airport. However, you can also fly to Chicago Midway Airport, which is a great alternative for those who need a more direct flight. Prices for round-trip flights to Memphis in August were around $193. However, it’s important to keep in mind that airfares fluctuate throughout the year, so you’ll need to compare prices frequently to find the best deals.