When a scissor lift gets wet, you need to be careful. You need to keep a distance between the nozzle and the electrical components of the scissor lift. If you do decide to clean the scissor lift with a pressure washer, make sure to keep a safe distance and wipe the surface with a rag. The same goes for plugs, panels, and battery chargers.

They can reach heights of up to 185 feet

Aerial work platforms vary in their vertical reach. A scissor lift can reach heights of up to 185 feet. Telescopic boom lifts, on the other hand, can reach as much as 230 feet. They are better for tighter spaces or complex structures. JLG, the company that helps John L. Grove, has branched out into trailers, scissor lifts, and telehandlers. Their lifting power is not limited to the construction industry and is often used in other locations such as airports, fire halls, military bases, convention centers, and more.

A scissor lift can be used to lift multiple workers to a higher position. There are two different types of scissor lifts. One is designed for flat, level surfaces, while the other is designed for rough terrains. There are many models of scissor lifts, including a variety of models for different environments. Many manufacturers have add-on packages for a custom fit. These add-on packages include platform roll-outs, custom shaped platforms, and multiple types of power units.

They are available in indoor/outdoor configurations

In addition to their traditional indoor/outdoor configurations, scissor lifts are available for outdoor use as well. A heavier duty model has four-wheel drive and a platform capacity of between 1,000 and 2,250 pounds. An electric scissor lift’s maximum height is seven feet, while a diesel or gas model can reach up to 12 feet. Before purchasing a scissor lift, you should first determine which tasks you will be performing with the device. Then, consider the minimum and maximum heights of the equipment. For example, in a typical residential home, you will probably not work above the standard height of one floor, which is ten feet. On the other hand, commercial structures tend to have higher ceilings than residential homes, with roofs and rafter heights to account for.

For indoor applications, the Genie GS(tm)-4046 E-Drive slab scissor lift features a small footprint and state-of-the-art AC electric E-Drive system for superior performance, runtime, and quiet operation. For outdoor and confined-space work, the GS(tm)-4069 DC rough terrain scissor lift is a great choice.

They have anchor points for fall protection

While scissor lifts have anchor points for the safety of the worker, you should make sure that each is properly installed. If the anchors are not attached to the lift correctly, they can tip over and injure or even kill the worker. It’s important to properly attach the anchors to the scissor lift before using it on a construction site. Here are a few tips for ensuring your workers’ safety:

Fall arrest systems should be used on scissor lifts. The manufacturer of the lift should provide a lanyard or other safety gear for workers to wear. The lanyard should have a shock-absorbing lanyard so that workers can use it even if they fall. For added safety, SRLs should be attached to the worker’s harness so that the worker can remain mobile while the SRL engages its locking mechanism.

They pose serious safety risks to workers

Even though scissor car lifts provide a safe platform for workers to work at heights, accidents do happen and they can be dangerous. Injuries from operating scissor lifts can be caused by cutting corners and standing on ladders or buckets, or the operator of the scissor lift may forget to move it back to its original position before lowering it. In one case, the operator stepped on a hose and drove the fully extended lift off a concrete pad. Unfortunately, this caused the scissor lift to tip over and the worker was forced to be hospitalized.

In one tragic case, a worker using a self-propelled scissor lift accidentally activated the platform controls. This caused the lift to tilt, resulting in the worker being trapped between an overhead beam and an elevating platform guard rail. In another case, a window washer was killed when the scissor lift flipped sideways. She sustained massive head and back injuries from falling from the scissor lift.