how to remove the crust on the pan – How To Remove Black And Black Beans Purely On Kitchen Equipment – For those who often cook in the kitchen, usually of course never make carelessness, such as letting dishes dry, smoky, and charred because you cook while doing other work. This is normal. This carelessness is usually expensive with the emergence of the black crust due to burning. In addition to carelessness, there are other things that cause burns in cookware in the kitchen, for example, a long cooking process can usually also leave stains sticky, scorched, or burned. Kitchen appliances that are prone to stains are usually burnt grub and frying pan. Well confused how to remove stains that are burned in pots, pans, and other cooking utensils? Read the How To Clean Blackburn and Black Former Burns Here Scrub article.

What you need to know, how to clean the burning pot and the black sand, crust that we will give later, the main key to the success of eliminating the rest of the charred cuisine is patience. So do not hurry while cleaning it. Follow each step correctly and look for your kitchen utensils clean again because the scorch stains have disappeared. Check out how to clean burns in the following pots and pans.


To clean the burning stain that is often attached to a skillet or frying pan because of the remaining charred herbs, you can make your own cleaning fluid by using a mixture of baking soda (baking soda powder) with vinegar, plus lemon juice with enough juice. Combine these three ingredients into a thick paste. Make sure the paste is not too thin and thick enough.

How to clean the burners on the next kitchen appliances, apply a cleansing paste to a pan or a charred pot. Let stand a few minutes. If so, fill the pot or pan with water. Heat the water for about 10-15 minutes. Then turn off the stove, and leave for a full day. Soaking the burned crust in hot and cold water is used to make the earth’s crust soften and easy to clean.

When heating the water, you can also rummage through a small amount of crust on the bottom of the pot or pan using a stirrer. Make sure the stirrer you use is safe against the surface of the cookware you clean, so as not to damage the surface of the pan or frying pan (usually dull and not made of metal).

After water is soaked in water for a day, shake it, then wipe the skinned part with a sponge and soap. Scrub so that the remnants of burned crust can disappear altogether. Once clean, you can rinse it, then wash it back as usual.


Well, that’s how to get rid of scars well on your favorite pots and pans. There is actually a practical way to keep the remaining seasoning not crust on the surface of your work or skillet. Tip remove rust stains because the remaining seasoning in the pan and cooking pan is to solve every problem, get used to immediately soak the pan and frying pan with dirty hot water and also mix the liquid soap into it. After the water cools, wash pots and pans as usual. Consider that the remaining food or burning spice is easier to clean.

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